Expat Argentina Life

Back in Town

The sweet smell of fresh baked bread emanating from the panederias.

The broken, narrow sidewalks.

The melodic, sing-song Spanish of the locals.

The meriendas.

Expat Argentina Life

The State of Argentina Apartment Photography

Sites like AirBnB and Trulia have conditioned us Americans to expect nothing but amazing apartment photography.

Crystal clear and shining photos that make you want to stay at that apartment regardless of the price.

Sifting through the search results on those sites produces excellent photo after excellent photo. Each with their wide lens, perfect lighting, and high appeal.

The apartments are always clean and orderly. Showing off the best side of the place and enticing visitors to want to stay there.

To demonstrate here is a small sample set of photos off of AirBnB for San Francisco apartments.

Expat Argentina Life

Soccer in English vs. Fútbol en Español

After spending 9 months in Argentina I found myself back in the United States during the entire 2014 World Cup.

While I desperately wished I could have stayed in Argentina to soak up the World Cup spirit, family matters dictated that I return to my motherland. Those thoughts only intensified when Argentina nearly won the whole thing.

Being back in the US where soccer might not even crack the top 5 most popular sports was a culture shock in and of itself. But watching ever single World Cup game (great time to be unemployed) from the USA gave me a perspective into why soccer is more exciting in Latin America.

Here’s what I think.

Expat Argentina Life

Learning Guitar – Introducing Vizzy Guitar

When I went back to college for my sophomore year at Cal I brought with me my Mom’s old nylon string acoustic guitar and a burning desire to learn how to play it.

Nirvana’s “Come as You Are” was the 1st song I learned to play. Followed by Led Zeppelin’s “Baby I’m Gonna Leave You”. And then Green Day. Lots of Green Day.

Back then my friends showed me how to play the songs. Fast forward 10 years and I’m still learning to play songs albeit with a much larger breadth of tools available for use.

When I learn a song on guitar there several very handy resources that I use –

Expat Argentina Life

My First One

I guess it was only a matter of time.

I’ve heard story after story of fellow traveler detailing the particulars of how it goes down but never had it happened to me despite being on the continent of South America for nearly a full year of my thirty-four.

One full year and zero mugging incidents. Until now.

My parents came to Buenos Aires to visit me. It was their first time in Argentina so I planned an adventure full of all the touristic hot spots – Palermo, Boca, Retiro, San Telmo, and the fateful Recoleta where this story takes place.

Expat Argentina Life

Ambaalam by Damon

Today is my little sister’s birthday. Happy Birthday!

This year for her birthday I wrote an original song with lyrics inspired by her Instagram and Facebook photos. The song is called “Ambaalam” based on her moniker on Instagram.

I had been working on the song for weeks however I did 80% of the work today, on her actual birthday. That deadline was the motivation.

If the melody and rhythm sound familiar, I borrowed them from a band I like called Mayday Parade.

Expat Argentina Life

How to extend your Argentina visa from Cordoba in 32 simple steps

In Argentina the tourist visa is good for 90 days. This visa can be renewed by leaving and re-entering the country however given that I find myself in the center of the country in Córdoba that’s not always an option.

Today I extended my visa at the immigration office in Córdoba using these 32 simple steps.

Simple as that.

Expat Argentina Life

Random Argentina likes and dislikes

Today I present a few random likes and dislikes regarding life in Argentina. Espero que disfruten!


1. Perception of engineers

I studied Industrial Engineering from the University of California Berkeley. One culture difference that I love is the image that the engineer title carries here. In the US the level with which people lose interest when you tell them you’re an engineer is amazing. While I was in Chile I was chatting to an American girl who asked me what I did. Upon declaring I was an engineer she yelled “Borrrrrrrrring” in my face. Meanwhile at the same table the local Chileans had a higher level of respect for engineers and wanted to know what kind I was and what I was doing with my degree. The status of engineers in Latin America is much more akin to US doctors or lawyers.

Expat Argentina Life

Argentina Superclassico and thoughts on the game

This past Saturday I took in my first futbol game during this current trip in Argentina. A superclassico – River Plate vs. Boca Juniors friendly match played here in Córdoba. River won 2-0 with both goals coming in the 1st half in the goal behind where we sat.

This post is a quick recap of the day along with a few thoughts of mine on Argentina soccer games and finally a story about my first superclassico that I went to.


My friends picked me up from my apartment, handed me a River jersey to wear and we headed out.

Expat Argentina Life

Getting a Cheap Spanish Tutor in Cordoba

Córdoba, Argentina is a great place to study Spanish.

The city is home to 7 undergrad universities so in many ways studying is what this city is all about.

When you decide to study Spanish you could opt to go to one of the Spanish schools here in Córdoba. Here is information on three 3 popular schools.